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A Quick Note of Thanks


So it’s been way too long since I added original content to the site, but life is like that sometimes, eh?  This post is meant to be a thanks to all of you have had made this site interesting and dynamic with visiting the site and especially with comments and questions.  Keep them coming, please!

Another big thanks goes out to Passy Muir.  Why you may ask?  Did something tragic befall me or my family?  Nope.  I am thanking them for providing high quality FREE CEUs that help me maintain my license and expand my clinical skill set.  Check them out here if you haven’t yet:

If you have never worked in acute care and have any plans to do so (even PRN), then these courses are a must- not just an easy way to get some continuing education.  We all have to work together and be knowledgeable about these things in the ICU, and if you don’t know… ask somebody, study, but don’t fake it till you make it.  You could hurt a patient by negligence (not knowing when or how to use a PMV) or improper use (putting a PMV on a tracheostomy that has an inflated cuff).

Alrighty, that concludes my quick thanks and exhortation.  Have a great day and keep visiting the site, ask questions, make comments, and help continue to make this a great interactive site!




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