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Dr. Daniel Boone


Dr. Boone has taught over the years at Case Western Reserve University (1960-63, where he received his Ph.D. in 1958), University of Kansas Medical Center (1963-66), University of Denver (1966-73), and the University of Arizona (1973-2010), where he is now Professor Emeritus in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. For his first 20 years as a SLP, he worked extensively with cerebral palsy and aphasia patients. Since the first publication of his voice text in 1971, he has been primarily identified by his writings in voice disorders and their remediation.

Boone is a former President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and holds both Fellowship and the Honors of that organization. He is the author of 15 professional books, several book chapters and monographs, and over 100 refereed journal publications. His first trade book was Damn Shoes & Other Talking Tales (2009). Dr. Boone is well known nationally and internationally for his many lecture and workshop presentations.

Interview Questions and Answers

1. What got you interested in doing research in this field?

When I started as a SLP in 1951, there was only a barren literature to support what we did clinically. I had many questions.

2. What was or is your most interesting research project and why?

I measured the differences of voice quality in deaf boys and girls, pre- and post-puberty. Our results worked to move the voice “forward” with amazing and remarkable results.

3. What area(s) in medical speech pathology need the most research now?

The dysarthrias of MS, PD, ALS, etc. need further investigation to transfer knowledge to therapy practice.

4. What is the most important advice you could give to a new clinician starting in the medical field?

First of all, find out with each patient what he or she can do. Start where the patient is.

5. Who did you look up to the most as you were beginning your career?

Hildred Schuell and Paul Moore were my clinical idols.

6. Do you believe SLPs should move to the Clinical Doctorate for entry level into the medical field?

I believe the MS is a needed entry level for working in the medical field as a SLP.

7. How can we incentivize more therapists to pursue the PhD?

Attractive salary level for the SLP-Ph.D. should well differentiate the Ph. D. from the MS-SLP.

8. What is the most exciting advancement in Speech Pathology that you have seen in the past few years?

The SLP working in language/speech with deaf children with new cochlear implants is most exciting.

9. How long have you worked in the field?

I started in August, 1951, as a language retraining instructor in the Aphasia Center, Long Beach Veteran’s Hospital, CA.

10. What is a good book or research article about medical speech pathology that you would recommend?

I wrote my clinical memoirs over my 60 year SLP career in Damn Shoes & Other Talking Tales (2010). See

For a link to more information about Dr. Boone’s current work and list of accomplishments click here!

One comment on “Dr. Daniel Boone

  1. Has Dr Boone ever evaluated a patient whose onset of stuttering followed a laryngeal trauma? Specifically an exogenously induced vocal cord injury that caused Stuttering speech? Appreciate your reply.

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