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Cranial Nerves

A Fun Way to Study

How to Give a Cranial Nerve Exam

Cranial Nerve Exam courtesy of Dr. Charles Goldberg

Gray’s Anatomy Illustrations

All images retrieved from 

I. Olfactory

Image of the olfactory nerve as it branches out within the nose

II. Optic

A picture of the optic nerve and its tract

An image of the interconnections between the optic nerves and areas of the brain

III. Oculomotor

Lateral view of CN 1 2 3 4 5 6

IV. Trochlear

superior view of trochlear nerve

V. Trigeminal

An illustration from Gray's Anatomy depicting the trigiminal nerve

VI. Abducent

CN 3  &  6

VII. Facial

nerves of the scalp, face and side of neck

VIII. Acoustic

origin of acoustic nerve

IX. Glossopharyngeal

Hypoglossal vagus glossopharyngeal

X. Vagus, XI. Accessory, XII. Hypoglossal

CN 10 11 12


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